Asia Pacific: Mining and Pandemic Regional Report

Asia Pacific: Mining and Pandemic Regional Report

This report was prepared by the Asia-Pacific coordinating committee of the Coalition Against the Mining Pandemic. It discusses the nexus of the COVID-19 pandemic and the mining industry in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea, summarizing key findings from a series of country- and region-level reports across these four countries.

The report shows how the mining industry and governments have reaped benefits from the pandemic. It documents how COVID-19 has provided a window of opportunity to pass new legislation favoring mining companies, to issue new permits for controversial projects, and for governments to circumvent existing regulations in favor of the mining industry. The report also explores how mining-affected communities are responding to the social and ecological crises that they experience.

Case study and country reports


COVID and Mining in India [Forthcoming]

Extractivism Amidst the COVID Pandemic [Published in Seminar journal, issue 751]


Mining and the Pandemic in Indonesia [Forthcoming]

Papua New Guinea 

Protecting Life & Culture along the Mighty Sepik River in Papua New Guinea [Forthcoming]


The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impacts on the Livelihoods and Struggles of Mining-Affected Communities in the Philippines 





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